Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tracking the Good Recipes

Welcome to a new blog! Several people at Delaware Street Commons have talked about needing a place to accumulate successful recipes, not only physically, but somewhere online. Well, here's one possibility I thought I'd create. I hope to make this blog open to anyone at DSC who wants to post a recipe--the only restriction is that someone has to have liked the results! The left hand column will have a list of labels, which can be used to categorize recipes. That is, in the next post, where I will post a bread recipe, there will be a label 'bread'. This label should show up, and clicking on it should bring up all the posts that have bread recipes. Other labels which I will probably be using are

- crockpot
- cookies
- dessert
- vegetables
- casseroles
- salads

More than one label can be used per recipe.

If this works out, then we can try to transfer ownership to our common e-mail, which would then give access to the Picasa site that Ralph has set up.

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